Friday, June 16, 2017

Temporary Closures of Sawyer Camp Trail

There will be several short weekday partial closures of the Sawyer Camp Trail during the next two weeks, between June 20 and June 28. 

The San Mateo County Parks Department will close the  southern half of the Sawyer Camp Trail, from the Skyline entrance to the Jepson Laurel (near mile marker 3.5) Tuesday-Wednesday, June 20-21.  Park crews will also add more rock plus bender board to the shoulders, from the entrance to about mile marker 1, to make the sloping more gradual. 

The northern half, from the Hillcrest entrance to the Jepson Laurel, will be closed for mowing Thursday-Friday, June 22-23. 

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission will close the southern half of the Sawyer Camp Trail for one more day, Tuesday, June 27, to paint a new center line. 

Finally, just north of the Sawyer Camp Trail, the Parks Department will close the San Andreas Trail, from Hillcrest to San Bruno Avenue, for mowing Tuesday-Wednesday, June 27-28.

No weekend closures are scheduled. 


  1. I checked out Sawyer Camp Trail (south end up to two mile point) yesterday (Jun. 22) to observe the announced improvements on the shoulders (supposedly up to one mile). The mowing looked great, however in the future it needs to be done sooner, before the invasive stuff goes to seed. However, there was no additional dirt/rock added to the shoulders, nor any "bender board" in order to accomplish a better leveling of the shoulder surfaces. I am assuming that perhaps this was because it was very hot during Jun. 20-21 and/or there was not enough time. A lot of my friends had been looking forward to having a shoulder that wasn't on such a slope, making it almost impossible to hike or run on. In addition, the non-use of shoulders causes pedestrians to walk mostly on the asphalt, causing a reduced road width for everyone, creating a greater chance of collisions between cyclists and pedestrians. Hopefully the shoulders will be modified as original stated.

  2. I was disappointed at the repaving of the trail! It was a long time coming and the trail is such a peaceful place for many walkers including myself. I walk along the edges of the trail because it's easier on the legs and occasionally venture onto the asphalt at the narrower edges. Likewise, it's safer on the side of the trail with all the cyclists and skaters who use the asphalt part. Now the edges are almost totally unwalkable due to the beveled dirt. It's not a peaceful and easy walk anymore, but a struggle to watch the trail and stumble along. While the site is still beautiful, it is no longer peaceful and relaxing as one has to watch how/where one walks and look out for cyclists and everyone else on the asphalt. Seems as if it's true---watch out what your wish for (repaving) as it might not be what one wants!

  3. Thank you for your comments. The shoulder modification work, previously scheduled for June 21 and 22, was delayed. The SFPUC and the Parks Department will be performing it in the near future. Future updates will be posted on this blog.