Friday, May 26, 2017

Repaved Sawyer Camp Trail to Reopen Saturday Morning, May 27

The Sawyer Camp Trail's newly repaved southern half will reopen tomorrow morning, Saturday, May 27. We'll be closing it again for one more weekday some time later in June to paint the center stripe. Signs will be posted in advance at the trail entrances.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has repaved the trail’s entire southern half and, in partnership with the San Mateo County Parks Department, restored the adjoining shoulders with new gravel.  

Our thanks to the  Sawyer Camp Trail family for the patience and support!


  1. Great paving job! However, the shoulders were NOT restored to their normal state! I walked 4 miles yesterday and most of the shoulders now have a slope from the asphalt and away from the roadway. There are some level spots, but mostly the slope makes it very difficult to run or walk in a vertical position. I saw only 3-4 people using the shoulder yesterday because of this problem. Too late (or too expensive) to change this now, but this takes away the ability to hike on the soft shoulder. Not good!

  2. This work was done in coordination with the San Mateo County Parks Department to correct long-time problems of mutual concern. These included long stretches where an inch or two difference in level between pavement and shoulder posed a safety hazard for users, and the tendency for rainwater and runoff to accumulate not only on the trail but underneath, where it steadily caused the most, and substantial, damage to the trail surface.
    For the shoulders we used a good-quality rock that we compacted with a roller followed by a vibrating machine to facilitate drainage, control erosion and maximize the life of the paving.

    Thanks for taking time to comment, we regret any inconvenience, and hope that you will continue to use and enjoy the trail.

  3. I just got back from a run on Sunday morning June 11th and the path is really nice. Thank you for repaving it.
    But I really echo the first comment from Anonymous on May 28th. Now that there is a slope on the shoulder, it is unusable to run or walk on. I liked the shoulder because it offered a soft surface that is easier on the joints than pavement. But more importantly, what I noticed is now the usable space of the trail has shrunk. Normally I run on the shoulder and then my wife rides her bike next to me. Now that I have to run on the path we take up the whole lane. This leads to a lot of traffic on the path, especially around turns.
    Even though it was really windy today, there were still a lot of people using the path. On the turn right around the one mile mark from the Sawyer Camp trailhead, I was running, my wife was on her bike, coming the other way was a stroller jogger with her husband right next to her, and then there was another biker trying to get by as well. There wasn't an accident or anything, but this was just one of the instances where there was a lot of congestion.
    Since the shoulder is now sloped, it basically eliminates the space for two runners/walkers. So now everyone has to stay on the paved path. Is there anything you can do to make it more like the Bay Trail between Poplar Golf Course and Seal Point Park? Having a shoulder that is runnable/walkable would increase the enjoyment for everyone who uses the path.
    I noticed there are still 3 miles that haven't been paved yet. Hopefully you can keep the shoulder usable if you plan to pave that area. And actually, what would be awesome is if you could intentionally make the shoulder runnable by beating back the overgrown grass and making it an actual path.
    Thank you!!!

  4. Thank you for taking the time to write and post your comment, and we’re glad that you find the new paving an improvement. The San Mateo County Parks Department tells us they will be modifying the slope, particularly at key spots along the first mile from the entrance to the stone bridge, by adding more rock plus some bender board. That work is scheduled for June 20-21, when Park crews will also be mowing the overgrown grasses along the shoulders. The southern half of the trail will be closed again for those two days. Also, still to come, is a new center line that we hope will help to ease potential congestion, at the turns and elsewhere. We will paint that in on Tuesday, June 27, when the southern half will be closed again for the day.

    No repaving is planned for the other three miles, from the north entrance to about mile 3.
    Jepsen Laurel. Thank you again for the thoughtful input.