Friday, April 28, 2017

GSR Project is Going Very “WELL!”

Check out the evaluation —WELLvolution, if you will, of the Regional Groundwater Storage & Recovery (GSR) project’s Linear Park Well Station.  

In April 2015, construction kicked off at the Linear Park site in South San Francisco. This particular well station involved drilling 620 feet and installing over 120 feet of pipeline. Construction challenges aside, after two years of hard work, the well station infrastructure and landscaping are complete. Now the team will focus on conducting extensive testing for the station to make sure the well is operational.  

Linear Park is one of 13 well sites nearing completion as part of the first phase of the GSR project.  It is anticipated that this phase of work will be completed in this fall. The project team is currently investigating three additional well sites as part of the next phase of this work. The entire GSR project is expected to reach final completion summer 2019.

     In July 2015, workers installed steel rebar to prepare for the wall pours at the
                                              Linear Park Well Station.

          One month later, August 2015, the wood and steel frames for the 
                                        well station were complete. 

      By July 2016, the concrete walls were built and the well pump was installed.

        By March 2017 the landscape has grown in and the site is almost complete.

About GSR

GSR includes the construction of up to 16 new recovery wells and associated facilities on the Peninsula. This project is the result of a landmark agreement between the SFPUC and City of Daly City, City of San Bruno and California Water Service Company to help manage the South Westside Groundwater Basin. In wet years, these entities will use Hetch Hetchy water in place of their groundwater supplies to allow the aquifer to store up to 20 billion gallons of water for use in times of emergency or drought.

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