Friday, February 3, 2017

What Is so Hot About Hot Tapping?

A hot tap is not the next latest craze in hot stone massage.  It is, however, a very important tool that we at the SFPUC, as well as many other utilities, use to complete important upgrades to water transmission lines without any impacts to our customers. And it is coming to a pipeline near you.

The procedure involves attaching special fittings to the outside of the pipe that create a hole and connection to the new pipe while it is still full of water and under pressure. Ten of the 13 new well sites that were recently constructed through the Regional Groundwater Storage and Recovery Project required hot taps to connect the well stations with pipes belonging to the SFPUC as well as our partners in Daly City and Cal Water. This work was completed in 2016. This first phase of the project should be complete in 2017.

Why are hot taps important? Hot taps allowed us to connect these new groundwater well sites to the existing water pipes while they were still servicing our customers.

About the Regional Groundwater Storage and Recovery Project (GSR)

The Regional Groundwater Storage & Recovery (GSR) project includes the construction of up to 16 new recovery wells and associated facilities on the Peninsula. This project is the result of a landmark agreement between the SFPUC and City of Daly City, City of San Bruno and California Water Service Company to help manage the South Westside Groundwater Basin. In wet years these entities will use Hetch Hetchy water in place of their groundwater supplies to allow the aquifer to store up to 20 billion gallons of water for use in times of drought.   

 Thirteen well sites are now in construction on the Peninsula and the project has completed drilling the last well apart of the current construction contract.

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