Friday, February 24, 2017

Bay Area Pros Check Out Expanded Capacity of Peninsula's Upgraded Water Treatment Plant

Engineers at the Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant in San Bruno hosted about 50 peers from other water and wastewater facilities throughout the Bay Area earlier this week.

It was an opportune time to show off the plant’s new state-of-the-art features—which now allow for a much increased treatment capacity for up to 60 days in the event of a major earthquake. Though we’re not presently addressing a natural disaster, our Mountain Tunnel in the Sierra Nevada is shut down for two months of inspection and maintenance.  The  tunnel is a major link in that section of the Hetch Hetchy Water System. So during its shutdown all water supply for San Francisco and parts of the Peninsula comes from our local Peninsula reservoirs and through Harry Tracy. The plant is currently treating 80 to 85 million gallons of Peninsula water per day—more than double its usual daily load of 35 million gallons.

And it can do more. Harry Tracy is now capable of treating up to 140 million gallons per day for 60 days within 24 hours of a major earthquake.  The plant upgrade was an essential project on the Peninsula and part of our $4.8 billion Water System Improvement Program to repair, replace and seismically upgrade the entire Hetch Hechy Regional Water System.   

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