Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Last of the Seeding

November 10—Crews finished hydroseeding the last of the Habitat Restoration work area along the Sawyer Camp trail this morning. The trail remained open, while pedestrians and cyclists proceeded with a little more caution than usual as they made their way past the equipment. The hydroseed is a native grass mix sprayed onto the newly exposed slopes.  New young grasses are already sprouting  throughout the 22-acre area, and all of them should  be fully established by early spring. We’ll continue to watch out for returning invasive non-native vegetation, and acorn plantings will follow. 
Faces on the Trail: Following the morning's  progress was the SFPUC's Project Construction Manager Molly Vora. She and others on our construction team frequently bike the trail to the work site instead of driving. They cut back on inconvenience to others, minimize their carbon footprint—and get exercise too.   

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