Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Giving Thanks for the Activists of Tomorrow

This Thanksgiving we’re grateful for a new wave of young environmentalists—like these three students from a nearby middle school  They’re focusing on a year-long "Animal Allies" project featuring the rare and endangered wildlife of the Peninsula Watershed, and they're sharing their findings and pictures with the rest of us at

 A favorite species--they said during a recent visit to the Sawyer Camp Trail--is the Marbled murrelet, a California-endangered seabird. For their nests, murrelets gravitate to one particular Peninsula Watershed canyon. Cloaked in pristine old-growth forest, it is a unique locale that provides the heights, dense canopy and seclusion the secretive species needs to reproduce. 

Check out what the middle school team says on murrelets, the watershed’s nesting Bald eagle pair,  the ”amazing”  Mountain lion, and more at the link above. 

Thanks, Allies, for helping to lead the way!.  

 Marbled Murrelet photo by: Mojoscoast

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