Friday, October 21, 2016

Watershed Habitat Restoration Area Now Ready for Rain

Our habitat restoration crews got out ahead of the recent mid-October rains with the installation of fiber rolls like these along the horizontal contours of the slopes above the Sawyer Camp Trail. .  

During rain, the straw-filled fabric rolls slow the flow of the runoff and trap the sediment uphill behind them, safely away from creeks, drainages, and our reservoir.  

Our fiber rolls will naturally decompose over time, and we’ll be planting new native oak forest as soon as the area is ready for them.  

Other stormwater control measures we’re taking to protect the quality of our water include gravel bags around storm drains, erosion control matting on slopes, and hydroseeding disturbed areas.

And, thanks to those recent rains, patches of new green grass are already coming up!  

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