Friday, September 30, 2016

New Grasslands Coming near Sawyer Camp Trail

                                      Spraying the hydroseed mix of native seed, wood fiber, tackifier and water. 

This week our habitat restoration crews began hydroseeding newly opened areas above the southern half of the Sawyer Camp Trail.

The young native serpentine grasses will begin sprouting within a couple of weeks, and be well established by next spring-- assuming some rainfall and other favorable conditions. We’ll keep watch for regrowth of the invasive acacias for the next year or two, and then plant acorns for future native forests.

The approximately 20-acre replanting in the Sawyer Camp Trial vicinity is part of a larger restoration project to bring back about 180 acres of native oak woodland and grassland at several different Peninsula Watershed locations. The historic habitats provide essential food and shelter for a variety of native plant, butterfly, bird and other wildlife species (some found nowhere else in California).

The fresh young plantings will be steadily maintained by our staff to promote healthy establishment, and we'll monitor their performance for several years after that.   

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