Friday, August 19, 2016

Wildlife Protection Fence along Sawyer Camp Trail

If you’re on the Sawyer Camp Trail mid section when it’s open for through use on weekends or a holiday, you’ll see our Wildlife Exclusion Fence (WEF) enclosing the entire Habitat Restoration Project  area.  

This specially designed woven fabric fence prevents endangered San Francisco garter snakes, California red-legged frogs,and other reptiles, amphibians and small animals from entering the work area. Mesh funnels at the fence base, placed approximately every 100 feet, allow them to exit the area safely, while the narrow opening with a one-way flap at the end prevents them from returning. The WEF also prevents silt from flowing into adjacent drainages.

An environmental inspector monitors the work area for compliance with various environmental requirements, and our biologists check for the presence of special-status species and other vulnerable wildlife, such as roosting bats, nesting birds, and San Francisco dusky-footed woodrats. Active bird nests are protected by a buffer zone around the tree until the young successfully fledge from the nest. 

Wildlife Exclusion Fencing minimizes the potential for harm or injury to state and federally listed species near the work area. It is required by State and Federal permitting resource agencies and the California Environmental Quality Act for construction projects where such special status species may be present.

The fence will be taken down after the vegetation removal is finished later this year.

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