Friday, June 3, 2016

Part of Sawyer Camp Trail Temporarily Closed to Thru Travel M-F, June 13--July1

A section of the southern part of Sawyer Camp Trail will be temporarily closed to thru trail travel on weekdays, from mile 1-1/4 to mile marker 3-1/2 (the Jepson Laurel) on the following dates:

Monday-Friday, June 13–July 1, 2016
The trail will be fully open on weekends.

Large equipment will be in use on the trail to prepare the area for habitat restoration, and it is not safe for trail users. The entire trail will be open on weekends.

Although the trail is closed to thru traffic, it will be open for the first approximately 1.25 miles from the South Gate at Crystal Springs, and for approximately 2.5 miles from the North Gate at Hillcrest for trail users.

Bicyclists wanting thru access should use alternative routes during this period.

Future restoration activity will include the physical removal of invasive vegetation and trees that have choked out the historic oak woodland and grassland habitats that in turn harbor a variety of native plants, butterflies, birds, and other wildlife species—some found nowhere else in California. The removal work will affect the same segment of Sawyer Camp trail.

Future Schedule:
July 5 to July 29, weekday evening closures for off-hauling of vegetation: 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Tentative: August – October 2016: Trail will be closed weekdays to thru traffic for tree removal and off-hauling.

As part of the work, approximately 3 miles of trail will be restored and resurfaced, from the South Gate to the Jepson Laurel.

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Questions or further information:
(866) 973-1476

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