Friday, January 15, 2016

Hetchy System Temporarily Out--But High-Quality Water Still Coming In

A couple of weeks ago we reported on the high reservoir water levels on the Peninsula, and how that’s due to the way we manage and adjust them during the rainy months.We maximize our storage here in the Bay Area for later use when we need it, particularly in January when we take the Hetch Hetchy System offline for a few weeks for routine maintenance.

That time is upon us. Now our Crystal Springs Reservoir System goes into high gear, serving all Peninsula and San Francisco consumers with a continuing high-quality supply of stored Hetch Hetchy water plus a small amount of local watershed rainfall.

In short, Hetch Hetchy water enters the watershed through Pulgas Tunnel, and surplus water is released into Crystal Springs Reservoir, where it mixes with
rainfall and local runoff.

The Crystal Springs/San Andreas Pipeline System and the Crystal Springs Pump Station move water north from Crystal Springs to San Andreas Reservoir. From there, the San Andreas Pump Station pumps it on up to Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant for disinfection and filtration before it is conveyed onward to approximately one million people.  

         Surplus Hetchy water flowing into Crystal Springs.                                          

At Harry Tracy all hands are on board, according to senior water treatment plant operator Justine James. “We’re operating all our chemical feed systems, pumps and other equipment to produce the higher capacity,” she said.  During the shutdown the plant is currently producing about 80 million gallons per day instead of the usual 35 million per day.   
And, thanks to recent seismic upgrades, the Crystal Springs Reservoir System is more dependable than ever, with the strength and resilience to withstand the next major earthquake or other natural disaster. 


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