Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Heat and High Fire Danger!

You do not need us to tell you that the weather has been unseasonably hot. Daytime temperatures are 10 to 20 degrees above seasonal averages throughout the Bay Area, according to the National Weather Service.  

Because of the high heat and low moisture, our Natural Resources and Lands Management Division has issued a high fire alert for the Peninsula /Alameda Watershed lands that we own. 

If you are driving in the area, please remember:
  • Do not pull your car over to the side of the road in the grass. The heat from the underside of your car could quickly spark a grassfire. This is all too common.
  • Please do not smoke, hold lit cigarettes out the window, or dispose of cigarette butts onto the side of the road.
  • Please do not operate machinery in dry grasses that might generate sparks, including mowers.

For tips on how to stay safe in this heat, please visit the National Weather Service’s website:

Please stay hydrated and stay cool out there!

Please do not operate machinery that might generate sparks, including mowers.

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