Thursday, October 16, 2014

Night Work at Harry Tracy

From mid-October through mid-December, regular water treatment operations at the plant will be shut down to allow for construction activities. Swing shifts or 24-hour work are expected. This is the final full plant shut down for this project. The project is on track and on schedule to complete major construction by the end of 2014.

Night lighting will be positioned to reduce visible impact to surrounding residential areas. Noise and vibration monitoring will be performed each night. The project team will make every effort to schedule heavy construction activities and deliveries during normal work hours.

For this final shut down period, swing shifts may be required in work areas closer to our Millbrae neighbors on the following streets: Sycamore Drive, Crestview Drive, Larkspur Drive, and Pinehurst Court. All construction will take place within the plant property. Occasional truck traffic for concrete pours will continue on Helen Drive.

San Bruno:
Frequent truck traffic on Crystal Springs Road in San Bruno will continue through December. Trucks are escorted by pilot cars to warn motorists and ensure the speed limit is observed.

 Thank you for your patience during this critical water infrastructure project. The work is part of the ongoing seismic improvements, process upgrades and capacity expansion at the Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant. Please subscribe to this blog (see right) for updates to the work schedule.

Please call our 24-hour phone line with any questions or concerns at (866) 973-1476.

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