Friday, October 10, 2014

Lower Crystal Springs Dam Upgrades Complete: Skyline Bridge Replacement to Start Next Year

With the WSIP upgrades to the Lower Crystal Springs Dam now complete, San Mateo County will be moving forward on plans to replace the Skyline Bridge, originally built on top of the dam and demolished in 2011 for reasons of seismic safety. Construction of the new bridge is currently expected to begin in the spring or summer of 2015 and finish in early or mid 2017.  For updates, visit the County website at  


  1. The bridge was supposed to take one year and be completed in 2012. So now it's 5 years late and probably double the price. Time to give the contractors another award!

  2. The posted 2017 date is for a separate project, San Mateo County’s Crystal Springs Dam Replacement. The SFPUC completed the last of its Crystal Springs Reservoir System improvements, including the dam upgrades, in 2014. Before we began those projects, San Mateo County removed its 1920s Skyline Bridge from the top of the dam for reasons of seismic safety. Now that our work is completed, the County is proceeding with its bridge replacement, currently anticipated for 2017. Updates on the status of this project can be found on on Historic Lower Crystal Springs Dam Project Receives "Project of the Year" Award