Monday, September 30, 2013

Pipeline Upgrade in Millbrae Reaches Final Phase

This fall, the contractor is working on the final phase to seismically upgrade the water pipeline located underground along the hillside behind Meadows School in Millbrae.  This pipeline conveys drinking water from the Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant to the Peninsula.  
Phase 2 of pipeline upgrade 

Project Schedule 
Phase 1: Completed in June 2013.
Phase 2: Completed in August 2013.
Phase 3: October 1st – December 15th (dates subject to change). 
Equipment mobilization and material delivery will begin the week of October 1.
This phase includes excavation, welding and concrete placement for “sliplining”, placing a new steel pipe inside the existing pipe.  
Work hours will be 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Construction truck traffic can be expected. This will be the most intense phase of construction.

We are coordinating our work around Meadows School and Happy Hall’s drop-off and pick-up schedules for safety and convenience. 

We aim to minimize construction impacts to the surrounding neighborhood and schools. We apologize in advance for any disturbance or inconvenience and invite you to call our 24-hour phone line at 
(866) 973-1476 or email us at with questions or concerns. Visit the project website at for more information.

Project Description
Our contractor, Kiewit Infrastructure West Co., is working in multiple areas within the Harry Tracy Plant, part of the Hetch Hetchy Water System Improvement Program. Seismic retrofits and electrical upgrades will allow us to reliably provide up to 140 million gallons of water per day, for 60 days, within 24 hours of a major earthquake. Harry Tracy serves several communities on the Peninsula in addition to San Francisco.


  1. Millbrae Resident on Helen Drive next to construction Site.
    Why is there 24hour construction on this site? The noise level at night is unbearable, Horns beeping, banging of equipment and big Rigs going up and down the road, as well the dust level is extreme. Please note this noise is 10 times louder at night. Why do you need to work at night?

  2. Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. I am so sorry for the disturbance, especially at night. The contractor is working to identify how to reduce the noise and dust; as you know this phase of work just began. Please bear with us as we work hard to swiftly correct these problems.
    We need the slipline work completed within the Plant shutdown period of Oct.-Dec. 2013, and the Contractor has scheduled swing shifts to finish all improvements to the Plant by the Spring of 2015. We will work together to minimize further disturbance to our neighbors.