Friday, October 14, 2011

Sawyer Camp Trail 2-day Closure: October 19th and 20th

Sawyer Camp Trail will be closed for two days on October 19th and 20th (Wednesday and Thursday). The entire trail will be closed for two days - to reopen at sunrise on Friday, October 21st.

The closure (originally scheduled for earlier this month) is needed to prepare for the rainy season at construction sites near the trail. Also, 100 trucks will deliver rock to complete new access road segments that run along our water pipeline. These access roads will enable repairs and maintenance of the Crystal Springs/San Andreas Pipeline… without driving on Sawyer Camp Trail!

Crews will be working this Saturday and Sunday at the Lower Crystal Springs Dam work site (near the southern trailhead to Sawyer Camp Trail) in order to complete work prior to winter storms. Work will also continue all weekend on the Crystal Springs/San Andreas Pipeline adjacent to Sawyer Camp Trail. The pipeline was recently emptied of water for a short window of time to allow for seismic upgrades and valve replacements. Small pick-up trucks and one water truck for dust control will need to drive on the trail both Saturday and Sunday at speeds no more than 5 mph.

All day Friday, October 14th our team will be removing soil from a staging area along Polhemus between Crystal Springs Road and Bunker Hill Drive. You may notice our flagger directing traffic on Polhemus. This work will break for the weekend, but may need to resume on Monday (October 17th).

Please contact us 24-hours a day with any questions or concerns at (866) 973-1476!

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