Thursday, August 18, 2011

Increased Truck Traffic on Friday Nights thru Saturday Days (Approximately 6PM)

Continuing tomorrow night and for the next three Friday nights (through September 3rd), increased truck traffic will be present on Black Mountain Road, Skyline Blvd., Crystal Springs Road, and Polhemus Rd. near the southern trailhead to the Sawyer Camp Trail.

On Friday, August 19th at 11 p.m., trucks will be delivering cement for the continued foundation pour at the base of the Lower Crystal Springs Dam. Truck traffic will continue throughout the night, and throughout Saturday day.

The work will enlarge the dam’s stilling basin (see photo) to ensure any spillway flows are slowed as they enter San Mateo Creek.

Please call our 24-hour answering service if you have any questions or concerns. You can also receive email alerts about construction in the Peninsula Watershed by subscribing to or follow us on Twitter: @SawyerCampTrail.

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