Friday, March 25, 2011

Town of Millbrae: Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Water Treatment Plant Upgrades (Millbrae) - Last week of March:
Construction preparation work will be starting for upgrades to the Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant. This plant treats drinking water from the Crystal Springs Reservoir System (Upper and Lower Crystal Springs Reservoirs and San Andreas Lake) for delivery to northern San Mateo County and San Francisco.

All work for this project will take place within the SFPUC property.

Residents near the northern end of Sycamore Drive and Crestview Drive in Millbrae may see some ground-clearing as the grounds within the Plant property are prepared for construction trailers. A visual and sound reduction fence will also be placed to maintain privacy for adjacent homeowners.

Questions or concerns:
If there are any questions that arise during this activity, please contact us!

Alison Kastama, SFPUC Communications (415) 554-0712 or

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