Monday, August 9, 2010

TONIGHT: Early Morning Delivery at South Shaft site at Polhemus Rd in San Mateo

Early Morning Delivery to South Shaft Site in San Mateo - TONIGHT
In the early morning of Tuesday, August 10th, at approximately 1 or 2 am, a large semi-truck and flatbed trailer will arrive at the South Shaft site off of Polhemus Road and park near the office trailers. A large, special pipe section is being delivered. Because of the size of the load, the truck must travel during nighttime hours only.

The truck will pull into the main gate, drive up the paved road to the office trailer parking lot, the truck will be shut down, and will remain parked there until 7:00 am or later at which time the truck will be unloaded when the workday begins.

Several California Highway Patrol cars will accompany this special permit truck load. The Highway Patrol will temporarily close Polhemus Road for a few minutes during the delivery and reopen it as soon as the truck is off the road. Because this will take place during early morning hours, traffic delays are not anticipated.

Every effort will be made to avoid noise during delivery so not to disrupt neighbors.

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