Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer/Fall 2010 Update: New Crystal Springs Bypass Tunnel

Summer/Fall 2010 Update: Making Progress!
The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is making significant progress on the completion of the New Crystal Springs Bypass Tunnel & Pipeline near Polhemus Road in San Mateo. As of the end of July 2010, the project has reached 81% completion! We’re on schedule and making excellent progress. We expect full completion in Fall 2011.

Grouting and related underground work inside the tunnel will be completed this month and surface pipe work will take place into November.

Dust control measures are in place to reduce the amount of dust near our construction sites. Additional sprinklers are in use in the muck disposal area and near the stables.

In January 2011, important pipeline connection activities will require additional work hours at night for approximately 2 weeks. More information and details will be provided in advance.

Other Peninsula Projects
San Mateo County will be closing Skyline Bridge in late September 2010. For more information, visit
Photograph: Welding steel pipe inside the tunnel. Photograph taken by Katherine Du Tiel.

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