Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Liberty Mutual Group Honors New Crystal Springs Bypass Tunnel Team with Prestigious Safety Award

Liberty Mutual Group Honors New Crystal Springs Bypass Tunnel Team with Prestigious Safety Award

Insurance company representatives typically visit a construction site because of a personal injury, accident, claim or property loss.

When Bob Snyder and Joe Puente of Liberty Mutual Group visited the New Crystal Springs Bypass Tunnel construction site in San Mateo on Friday, August 20th, there was reason to celebrate.

Shank/Balfour Beatty (S/BB), the contractor for the New Crystal Springs Bypass Tunnel project, was presented with a Commendation Award by insurance company Liberty Mutual Group. The prestigious award recognizes S/BB’s achievement of working over 165,000 hours without a recordable injury since beginning the project in December 2008 through July 2010. This is a huge accomplishment and honor, especially considering the hazards associated with underground construction. S/BB sunk two construction shafts 156 feet and 56 feet deep, then excavated a 12 foot diameter tunnel approximately 4,200 feet long between shafts. Following tunnel completion, 96-inch diameter welded steel pipe was installed in the tunnel and shafts. The pipeline was tied into the Sunset Supply Pipeline in January 2010 and the final tie-in to the Crystal Springs Bypass Pipeline is scheduled for January 2011.

“It is my pleasure to present this Commendation Award to the New Crystal Springs Bypass Tunnel team for your excellent safety record,” said Bob Snyder, Loss Control Manager of Liberty Mutual Group. “This is only the third award I’ve given this year. Congratulations to the managers and workers who deserve recognition for such a great achievement. ”
“This award demonstrates the success of our Water System Improvement Program safety policy,” said Alan Johanson, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Regional Construction Manager. “Everyone on this team deserves recognition for consistently following safety policies on the job site.”

“Safety is a top priority,” said S/BB Safety Manager David Tompkins. “It is quite an achievement to work this many hours on a complex construction project without any recordable injuries. I am extremely proud of this team.”

Project Construction Manager Victor Romero of Jacobs Associates commented that the project’s excellent safety performance is the result of realistic hazard recognition, effective planning and communication, and excellent teamwork among all personnel working on the project.

The project is approximately 80% complete and on track to reach substantial completion by fall 2011.


  1. Wow… That is pretty awesome to know about the prestigious safety award winning. For everyone safety should be on the top priority of any construction site. This will decrease in the number of accidents that takes place on the site.

  2. Thanks Danielle! The project takes safety very seriously and we are proud to be recognized with such a prestigious award.