Friday, April 9, 2010

New Crystal Springs Bypass Tunnel - What to Expect the Next 6 Months

What Neighbors Can Expect the Next Six Months at the New Crystal Springs Bypass Tunnel site:

Removal of TBM components from the South Shaft site.
Installation and welding of steel pipe in the tunnel and South Shaft.
Construction of near-surface vaults, pipelines and miscellaneous equipment at South Shaft site and off of Polhemus Road.
Final grading of muck disposal area at the South Shaft site.
Re-vegetation of muck disposal area with native plant seed mixes prior to the Fall rainy season. Temporary dust control measures will be implemented.

If you ever have questions, you can call our toll-free, 24 hour phone at 866-973-1476.


  1. What about removal of the swimming pool like structures(water processing tanks) on the south site?

  2. The water structures described are the sedimentation tanks for any water that accumulates in the tunnel during construction. These tanks provide environmental controls to ensure no water generated from the project leaves the site muddy or cloudy. Our contractor uses some of this recycled clean water to minimize dust and dirt at the construction site. These tanks will remain on site until approximately spring or summer 2011.