Friday, January 22, 2010

Pipeline Dewatering to Begin near Tartan Trail Road

In late January 2010, the SFPUC and its contractors are planning to drain a water pipeline located off of Tartan Trail Road in Hillsborough as part of the New Crystal Springs Bypass Tunnel project located on Polhemus Road. Please see map for detailed location of work.

The dewatering of the pipeline is necessary for the eventual completion of a new critical pipeline to carry water under Polhemus Road and to ensure delivery of drinking water after a major earthquake.

What Neighbors near Tartan Trail Road Can Expect:
SFPUC and contractor crews will mobilize equipment in late January and park trucks on the existing gravel parking area off of Tartan Trail Road on SFPUC Right of Way property (please see map on reverse for location).
Dewatering will take place 150’ north of Tartan Trail Road and will take place 7 days per week. Crews may be on site 7 days a week between 7am and 6pm.
Overhead tree limbs will be moved for construction access and allowed to return to original position. Minor limbs may be removed to prevent safety issues. The dewatering site will keep wildlife from harm by installing an exclusion fence adjacent to San Mateo Creek.
Approximately six people will be on site daily for the first week, with fewer on site during the remainder of the work.
Dewatering activities will include use of a crane, trucks, a WhisperWatt generator and pumps. Water will be safely discharged into San Mateo Creek following all environmental guidelines as specified by regulatory agencies.
The use of equipment for this project is not expected to exceed noise limits established by the Town of Hillsborough. Mitigations for noise such as acoustical blankets will be provided if needed to conform to noise limits.
Activities will take place at this site into April 2010. Upon completion, crews will remove all equipment.

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