Thursday, January 7, 2010

Neighbors Tour South Shaft Site Following 4.1 Earthquake

Just minutes before the start of their New Crystal Springs Bypass Tunnel South Shaft tour on January 7th, San Mateo neighbors Howard McDonel, Helmut Schagerer, Erwin Hagele and Nick Lolonis heard about the 4.1 earthquake epicentered on the Calaveras Fault near Milpitas. Howard felt it, while the others did not. They toured the construction site and discussed engineering and construction methods being used to build the tunnel and pipeline.

The relatively small earthquake is a good reminder of the race against time the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission faces to seismically upgrade the aging Hetch Hetchy water system before the next big earthquake.

San Francisco Bay Area residents can get prepared for the next big earthquake by storing at least one gallon of water per person to last at least 3 days following an earthquake. Learn more at

Pictured: Victor Romero, Sarah Wilson, Bill Silverfarb, Helmut Schagerer, Nick Lolonis, Howard McDonel and Erwin Hagele.

Here is a link to the San Mateo Daily Journal article:

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