Thursday, December 31, 2009

Possible Night Work in early January

The New Crystal Springs Bypass Tunnel contractor has been making necessary adjustments to the tunnel boring machine (TBM) inside the shaft. In early January 2010, limited crews may work into the evening. If night work needs to occur, we will provide dates and times as soon as possible. If the contractor continues to need more time to meet the project schedule, crews could work longer evenings going forward into the early Spring.

During this night work, the majority of activities take place inside the shaft and tunnel. The crane and site lights may be used. The project team will follow all required nighttime noise limits as specified in the project Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Some soil may be lifted from the shaft but will not be relocated to the upper terrace until the following daytime shift.

We will continue to have on-call staff monitoring the situation. You may call our 24 hour dispatch 650-872-5900.

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