Monday, July 20, 2009

New Site Photos!

Here are some recent photos taken at the South Shaft site!

Both show our muck disposal operations.

With warm summer temperatures and winds, we have added additional dust control measures on weekends to further manage dust in the area.


  1. Cool photos and good stuff with the additional dust control, you don't want to be breathing that stuff in.

  2. After having spoken to several neighbors, who are not happy with the project (and I was not happy or excited either) I must say this project is not quite as bad as expected. That being said I do wonder about some of the blasting and the effects on the buildings "Front line". As I see it you are still in the process of dropping down and not at the point of boring a tunnel, where will the additional dirt be going, and why are you not "removing" the dirt you are placing and packing and raising the floor with. I see plenty of info on the blasts, what about some info on the progress.

  3. Thank you for your feedback. As far as blasting, we monitor every blast and all have been within allowable noise and vibration limits.

    We are now blasting the 'starter' and 'tail' tunnels at the South Shaft site and will continue to test and place all of the dirt removed in the upper terrace area of the South Shaft. In the event we find any contaminated soil, it will be removed. We will continue to keep it wet down to help prevent dust.

    Thanks for the suggestion to blog more about the progress of the project. We will add more info and photos in addition to the blast notifications. Thanks again for your feedback.

  4. I was under the immpression that most "muck" would be removed, Now I see you in your response say that" We will continue to place all of the dirt removed in the upper terrace area of the south shaft." Your own people stated at the meetings that the floor would stay relatively the same, and the dirt and muck would be trucked out. Now if we have only seen the tunnels to the bottom drilled and the floor has raised this far with only this muck dirt, where will the floor raise to once you are done "placing all the dirt in the upper terrace of the south shaft?"

    Also in your writing the "Terrace" will be restored to it's previous appearance once you are all done working the land dirt, offices, swimming pool etc.?

    P.S. Thanks for your time and info on these matters.

  5. We've always intended to store the excavation materials onsite. However, I checked out the environmental impact report again, and Section, pages 3-9, state: “The muck from excavation of the south and north shafts and the tunnel would be disposed of in the upper terrace of the South Shaft area (Figure 3-3) if the quality of the muck meets this disposal criteria…”

    Also on the same page: “If all of the muck were disposed of on-site, it would raise the grade of the upper terrace about 10.5 feet above the existing conditions…” That's still what we're expecting and that is from the center,sloping downward on the sides.

    This area will be re-vegetated with native grasses and plants once the work is complete. All construction equipment, offices and temporary facilities (including the water treatment “swimming pools”) will be removed at the conclusion of construction.

    Thanks for the inquiry...keep those comments and suggestions coming. Maureen