Friday, March 13, 2009

Groundwater Test Site Under Construction

That "swimming-pool" looking area you may see is actually a groundwater testing facility. The groundwater that is collected during construction must be tested before it leaves the site. Here is a closer look at the construction going on this week.


  1. Why was this ground water test site not mentioned at any of the meetings? This site will hopefully be below ground and not an eyesore to us Will it?

  2. Thanks for asking, in short, this treatment system is for water that infiltrates the shaft and tunnel excavations prior to discharge. The groundwater must be treated and tested for water quality before it can be discharged into the storm drain/catch basin system per regulatory requirements. The treatment area is temporary and no building will be placed on top of it.

    ing, in short

  3. But why was this "system" or "facility" never included in any pre-construction plans? Even as recently as the Jan. 22 community meeting, the contractor said that the upper level would only be used for the temporary trailers and muck disposal--nothing else.

    What will happen to this facility at the end of construction? And will we be notified prior to future construction plan revisions? Or should we just expect more surprises?